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FlavorInnovator .:Feb 09 09:.

When I moved up to Union City a little more than a year ago, and it came time for me to find an internship for my graphic design program at Chabot College, I found a local studio in Newark, of all places, on Yelp. It was called FlavorInnovator ( I emailed the studio, sent my portfolio, and maybe a few weeks later, Steve Ha had me working on a di-cut sticker for one of his clients. What was a weird coincidence is that I had seen this record at Amoeba by a cat name "E Da Boss" a couple weeks before that, that had caught my eye on the cover alone.  Turned out he designed it. Romali was going to buy the same record coincidentally on the design alone.  He's actually designed a few covers of records I had bought in the past.


I put in a lot of work at FlavorInnovator, in exchange he had taught me how to use Photoshop, and is always there to give me some guidance and constructive criticsm for my work. Fast forward to the present, about over 100 beers, 3 bottles of Jack Daniels, 5 packs of cigarettes, 1 run-in with a security gaurd, a few toy freestyle sessions, and a couple Jo_iLL tags on some random trash cans, we have become good friends, and he a mentor to me.

(Jo_iLL, Romali looking hard as usual, and Nam aka FlavorInnovator)

Vimby ( had just did a feature on him, and I'm proud to see him getting some shine. Here's to good luck on the design tip in the '09.

- DJ Jo_iLL


Exile vs. D-Train .:Feb 09 09:.

- DJ Jo_iLL


Supa Koopa Theater .:Feb 06 09:.

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Small Actions Can Facilitate Change .:Feb 06 09:.

I met this dude a while ago at a downtown pad off Broadway Street who was kinda loud and overly excited, two things that I usually attribute to people who are fronting. As a usually defensive person towards that behavior I thought this loud guy was especially fraudulent when he showed me his self titled CD. I introduced my CD, Hate Your Way to Harmony: An American Criticism, and we put mine on and he was really excited about some of the instrumental tracks.

Dont sleep on order online go to

I was a little skeptical of the guy after I left that night but thought he was harmless. Over the next year Dulok Shaman and I had some correspondence about collaboration and all of my prejudgments subsided; he was willing to collaborate and work hard at it which in my book were a bigger sense of character than anything else. Dulok is a good dude. So after some time he put some lyrics on a track from my album that I thought was nice and had a strong vibe, something we were both feeling. Us vs. Them was born. He called me one day not too long after completing the track and asked me if he could lace it in honor of the Versus Store in Temecula which sells nice clothing dedicated to an urban lifestyle. I thought it was a good idea and gave it my blessing. In August of 2007 I get a call from Dulok asking me attend a video shoot for the store for the song along complete with many heads from SD and the Inland Empire. The video got a lot of reaction and became an anthem for many which was beyond any expectations I ever had for making the track(with the help of my homie NoS LeRatZ from the Bay, Big Ups!!!).

Fast forward to this year 2009, I went with DJ Argonaut to the Agenda Trade Show in downtown San Diego which showcases independent clothing lines and kept peeping orange stickers with familiar font that I have seen associated with the Versus Store in Temecula which read 'Us vs. Them'. In fact the bottom line is that the Versus Store had changed the name of their design to Us vs. Them, which blew me away. Even though I had no exact input on the decision making for the change, our song had made an influence on a whole style and the nomenclature of a line of clothing. So next time you think that your creativity, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, cannot be influential, think again.


- Existence 76



Come check out our Saturday night spot at Gordon Biersch (5010 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA 92108).  I will be in the rotation this Saturday, the 24th.

This is a very chill spot, where you can come and listen to some dope beats, have a beer, and chop it up with your fam.  Most folks come through here before they start partying Downtown or elsewhere.  We play outside on the patio, but I must warn you: dancing is strictly prohibited!!!  It is partly covered, so don't let the rain scare you away this weekend...

We have been doin' this gig in conjunction with Mel Kapone of 15West for over a year now.
Big Up to Jo_iLL for designing the vintage flier.  That pic makes me want to have a nice cold Blonde Bock from GB, but I gave up drinking beer over a year ago.  Love the taste, but can't stand what it does to my spare tire!

So I had to stick with my other favorite drinks instead:

                                                                                                                                                      Scotch Whiskey...mmmmmm....My Father-in-Law brought over this Johnnie for Xmas, so I had to introduce him to The Glenlivet.  Personally I prefer The Macallan.  The best was when I bought DJ Hektik some Johnnie Walker Black and he said it tasted like STEAK!  Next time you see Pauze, ask him about the time he kept drinking Glenlivet at a Turntable Lounge gig...

                                                                                                                                                    Ketel One Vodka...on the smooth...creeps up on ya.  Even my dog drinks it.
I recently tried Effen and it was pretty good.  Those Dutch folks, man...

Kona Coffee.  Yeah I know, its not an alcoholic drink, but it is just as addicting, yo.  I once stopped drinking coffee cold turkey, and it was harder than quitting cigarettes.  Kona turned me into a coffee snob, though.  Plus I got this French Press now.  Sheesh.  The beans on the Big Island are hand picked, so only the ripe ones are chosen.  That way you wind up with coffee that is so freakin smooth.  Other kinds of coffee beans are machine picked so you get all the unripe ones in the mix, making the coffee bitter.  My Uncle recently brought me back some Cafe Amadeo from the Philippines.  Haven't tried it yet, but I hear its the ish, too...

- DJ Bojo