painting. .:Feb 26 09:.

So a few years back, I was painting a bit here and there, but not much at all.  And I stopped painting basically entirely for some unknown reason...I have no idea why.  For the past year or so I have been seriously wanting to get back into it, Im most likely rusty as hell but would love the opportunity to do so..You ever get that feeling where you wished you still did something you enjoyed even though you weren't a master at it, but it did not matter cus you liked doing it and for some reason you just simply dont do it anymore...thats how i feel. and i hate it.  with the exceptional talent in art some of the guys in the crew have i feel more reason to start at it again.
here's some old stuff....soon enough i will post new shit..i promise




Credit Crisis Explained .:Feb 25 09:.

Awesome example of good information graphics design.  Pauze and I have been talking about this stuff lately, and honestly...most of the time this stuff goes way over my head.  What i've concluded from these vids are...investment bankers are insanely greedy!



Beat Puppets .:Feb 25 09:.

So I had this idea to start B-boying again to lose weight, so Romali and I went to 24 hr. fitness the other day.  I lasted about 20 minutes.  I better pick it up though, cause I weighed in at like 195 lbs! OMG! At least I can still do some windmills.



More Flicks .:Feb 24 09:.

I don't want to be boring so I am gonna give a one line about each of these movies I recently watched:

Sukiyaki Western Django
If Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa had a violent/emo thought child that Quentin Tarantino reluctantly would babysit on occasion; think Yojimbo and Fistful of Dollars being combined into one final showdown and the participants are the spawn of six-shooting samurai.
Sukiyaki Western Django

Bustin' Down the Door

If you are interested in documentaries on cultural movements and like the ocean.
Bustin' Down The Door

Slumdog Millionaire
If you could have your life story told through questions leading to a million dollars; its time that Indian Cinema was known outside of the biggest continent.
2009 Academy Award Winner Best Picture

Miracle at St. Anna
I try to watch any Spike Lee flick; a tragic WWII flick with Italian Realism homage.
Miracle at St. Anna

I am anxious to see this flick:



MARV WON .:Feb 22 09:.

- Supa Koopa


What is the Scratch B?tch? Bojo likes to call it the infamous third turntable. .:Feb 22 09:.

I started giggin with DJ Bojo in San Diego I believe around 1994 or 1995.  We used to roll with this cat named Big Mike from Encinitas.  The guy had a real good golden age record collection.  Big Mike actually from what I understand is a doctor now.  I think he has way more important things to do than play with records i.e. like saving lives.  Long story short, we all loved to scratch, but we also did gigs.  I believe around that time Chris Soto started rolling with us too.  I don't know who came up with the idea but we started always bringing a third table with us whenever we had a gig.  The supposed purpose was to have a guy scratch over instrumentals or breaks so our mixes wouldn't be boring.  I must admit, at times people didn't follow the rule even myself.  I mean at times it would be absurd, constant scratching over words, lyrics, vocals.  Eventually it just got out of hand.  I mean, we SERIOUSLY brought the third table to every single gig we did, weddings, house parties, bars, family gigs.  Before each gig it would always come up whether we were bringing the third turntable this time just because many times it became a distraction and 100% chance that some dude who couldn't even scratch would ask to scratch and we would have to hear some sucky scratching (that's what we called scratching we couldn't stand).  I really think the third table played an important role in the creation what was then Turntable Lounge.  Through Turntable Lounge, I have to say we've had some pretty dope djs play the Scratch B role and I have to say, I think Bojo would agree that we are all honored to have met the people we did because of that third turntable.  One guy in particular who used to go wild was Jo_iLL.  I mean throughout the years we had guys like Smally Bigs (aka Small Wonder), DJ Slyed, Bille Knight, Happee, Dinoh, R-Type, Tanner, Bob One, Willow, Deehoz, Hektik, Jecs, Mane One, II Smooth and many many more that I can't even remember.  I know Bojo and Jo_iLL can add more to that list that I can't remember and more to the list after I stopped coming out.  We had joked about putting out a free tribute shirt of every DJ that scratched with us.  I mean if I remember right the list would have been pretty deep.  The dope thing about it was that it wasn't a competition, ego or anything, it really was guys who loved to scratch to music and make it sound good, again, there were many instances of Scratch B abuse, maybe a better way to describe it is that heads just got carried away. 

In any event, I bring this up because I think it's a lost art these days.  I went to the Souls of Mischief show to see Gaveegav play between acts and while he was up there, I thought to myself that it would be dope if he had a scratch B.   Especially at a live show it would've been dope to hear some tasteful, appropriate scratches between transitions.  I brought it up to Gav at the show but I don't think he knew what I was talking about.  When I told him he needed a scratch B he looked confused and looked all butt hurt as if I was dissing his scratch skills.  I might put his scratching in the "sucky scratching" (j/k or am i???) category but I wasn't trying to diss,  so I figured I blog about it.  Maybe someone can bring it back and do it right this time.   Here are some old pics I found of some of us playing the Scratch B role for Joel and a couple of randoms.

Hektik and Happee

Hektik and Psi Kick

- DJ Argonaut