kidragon @ the 4onefunktion .:Mar 03 09:.

Big ups to 4onefunk: Teeko, Max Kane, B.Cause, & Mista-B for havin me spin at their monthly SF get down @ the Elbo Room. The joint was packed! Also big ups to the HGB crew in the spot, Gaslamp Killer & Free The Robots. An SD presence was also lirking in the midst. If you find yourself in the bay, check out the 4onefunktion. Nothing but good vibes and tunes, plus some pioneering music by the 4onefunk band. Check out how the night ended below with Teeko & Max Kane on the Vestax Controller 1 + Colin Brown on the Moog. Also big ups to Teeko for hippin me to John Beez outta North Carolina...This is where it's heading ya'll...

- kidragon


DJ Hideo .:Mar 01 09:.

I used to listen to 92.3/100.3 The Beat (KKBT) while in college during the late 90s.  DJ Hideo would always catch wreck during his mix show sets.  I remember them for having such raw energy with all his dope trick mixing, music selection, and just straight up soul.  No doubt one of the few who can truly "speak with his hands."  Going clubbing in LA, I would often catch his live mixing at the DMK events where he would always kill it.  I can't remember the exact details, but I think it was either DJ Roldan or DJ Goose from Proof Positive who introduced me to HIdeo and Tony Jr. once at a Cue's in Pasadena.

Earlier tonight I was on my homie Buddhabong's blog, and read some news that DJ Hideo is battling cancer that was very recently diagnosed.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his Family.  I hope he will stay strong in both mind, body, and spirit so he can continue to bring that energy that I remember him for.

Check out Hideo's website and learn more about him...



technology .:Feb 26 09:.

I understand that many people  oppose of serato...well they used to....and some still do, but im not gona go on some rant about vinyl this and serato that.  call me button pusher all you want.  Most know where i stand.  Serato is earned not learned.  with that being said has anyone seen this shit? i know im late.

all in 1 package.....



painting. .:Feb 26 09:.

So a few years back, I was painting a bit here and there, but not much at all.  And I stopped painting basically entirely for some unknown reason...I have no idea why.  For the past year or so I have been seriously wanting to get back into it, Im most likely rusty as hell but would love the opportunity to do so..You ever get that feeling where you wished you still did something you enjoyed even though you weren't a master at it, but it did not matter cus you liked doing it and for some reason you just simply dont do it anymore...thats how i feel. and i hate it.  with the exceptional talent in art some of the guys in the crew have i feel more reason to start at it again.
here's some old stuff....soon enough i will post new shit..i promise




Credit Crisis Explained .:Feb 25 09:.

Awesome example of good information graphics design.  Pauze and I have been talking about this stuff lately, and honestly...most of the time this stuff goes way over my head.  What i've concluded from these vids are...investment bankers are insanely greedy!



Beat Puppets .:Feb 25 09:.

So I had this idea to start B-boying again to lose weight, so Romali and I went to 24 hr. fitness the other day.  I lasted about 20 minutes.  I better pick it up though, cause I weighed in at like 195 lbs! OMG! At least I can still do some windmills.