Kutiman: Kutting It .:Mar 09 09:.

Peep this link.  http://thru-you.com/
Kutiman engineers a bunch of unrelated youtube videos together to compile 7 tracks.  They're all fresh, but 7 is probably my favorite.  You can easily follow the original samples that were used in these videos. 

Such a sick concept, simple, creative, turning a media site into a canvas.  I'm sure we'll start seeing more of these. 

Kutiman is a one-man show from Isreal who usually brings his friends to improve his sound.  It's a fusion of afrobeat, funk, heavy psych, reggae, rnb, and general groove.  His album seems timeless and fits many moods. Below are some tracks from his album.


Bambu aka Buck Taylor .:Mar 07 09:.

Check out my man Bambu on this Vimby tip.  Don't sleep on his new album ...exact change... ish is hard.  you can also pick up the Native Guns wax, cd and Bam's I Scream cd at www.freshcrate.com.  Rumor has it that a Supa Koopa/Bambu collab is in the works... guaranteed to be HEAT!

Check it:

VIMBY - Bambu



Monk .:Mar 05 09:.

Below is some advice from jazz great Thelonius Monk, in the form of some notes transcribed by Steve Lacy, who played with Monk in the '60s.  I think there are some valuable nuggets in there for all those musically-inclined.  My favorites:  "Just because you're not a drummer doesn't mean you don't need to keep time" and "A genius is one most like himself."
Click on the image below to view it full size:
monk notes
- Pauze


The Bay in 2 Days .:Mar 04 09:.

Existence 76 and Argonaut came up to the bay last weekend for various reasons, and to kick it with Romali, Daeta, and myself, and to support KIDRAGON at his gig at the "4 One Funktion" at the Elbo Room in the city. First day into the trip, we met me up in Berkeley at Amoeba to pick up some wax. I found this one for Romali...but he didn't seem to be interested. Go figure.

Day 2 - Checked out the "Cut & Paste" digital design tournament. Think of it like a big B-boy battle like Freestyle Session or B-Boy summt...but instead of B-boying...they are doing digital design. 2D, 3D, and motion graphics. It was pretty interesting. That's Existence 76 on the right workin' the "Dough D". The poster was designed by my boy Nam.

Next stop was Elbo Room in the Mission. Elbo Room is my favorite bar in the city (so far).  They always have great music playing there. That night KIDRAGON killed it. Check the blog below or on his page for more on the event.

No such thing as a 24 hr. taco shop in Fremont...or carne asada fries...had to settle for Denny's. Recorded a podcast the next day. It's the last one on the player on the podcast section of the site if you want to check it out. (Argonaut, Daeta, Existence 76, Jo_iLL, Romali)

- Jo_iLL


HGB Stickers .:Mar 04 09:.

Free with a purchase at Fresh Crate (freshcrate.com).  Or you can ask your friendly HGB member.


kidragon @ the 4onefunktion .:Mar 03 09:.

Big ups to 4onefunk: Teeko, Max Kane, B.Cause, & Mista-B for havin me spin at their monthly SF get down @ the Elbo Room. The joint was packed! Also big ups to the HGB crew in the spot, Gaslamp Killer & Free The Robots. An SD presence was also lirking in the midst. If you find yourself in the bay, check out the 4onefunktion. Nothing but good vibes and tunes, plus some pioneering music by the 4onefunk band. Check out how the night ended below with Teeko & Max Kane on the Vestax Controller 1 + Colin Brown on the Moog. Also big ups to Teeko for hippin me to John Beez outta North Carolina...This is where it's heading ya'll...


- kidragon