B-Boy Destijl, Rockin' So Fresh in SD .:Mar 19 09:.

This is my boy Art of "Rock So Fresh" out of San Diego.  We started B-boying again at the same time.  Now I suck at it (refer to previous post), and he is f****n killin' it!

.:  Jo_iLL  :.


EXILE!!! .:Mar 19 09:.

This is probably old news to you but I can;t get enough of this vid.  Big ups Felt One for puttin me on...

- JabaONE



So I met Chikara Manga of Tres Records and was able to pickup some wax for the Fresh Crate site.  One piece I picked up was NEWJACK HUSTLE (NEWman on the Beats Shawn JACKson on the raps)  I've heard some buzz on Shawn Jackson and heard some of his stuff.  When I first heard the album I had no idea it was Shawn Jackson.  In any event its probably my favorite Shawn Jackson work.  Newman's beats are dope also.  My favorite tracks are Ronald, Last Newport, Suprise and Saturday Night.  Each track is pretty dope but those are my preliminary selections.

Werd up to Chikara at Tres.  Check out www.tresrecords.com for more info on the LP, the LP will be available some time next month at www.freshcrate.com.  Also look out for some sample tracks on the Fresh Crate Music Samplers on the www.homegrownblends.com podcasts.  BTW yo thanks Gav for the Eurolite Case you can see the record lying on it.  Yo Kdeezy, Chikara said wuts up also.

- Argonaut


Sports Posers .:Mar 16 09:.

Last week there was this big thing on Kobe and Artest talking ish on the bball court.  Here is some of the audio that turned up.

- Argonaut


Untitled .:Mar 12 09:.

Character painted in Logan Heights with my friend, Excel.

- Romali


My First Mixer .:Mar 10 09:.

I was on ebay the other day got bored and got nostalgic.  I looked to see if I could find my first mixer and sure enough there it was.

Back in the day the only place you get a mixer that I knew of was at Radio Shack, the flea market or at the beat shop.  Needless to say this mixer was pretty wack with no crossfader.  Realistic did have a mixer with a crossfader.  I found that one too on ebay:

This one was twice as much as the cheap one I had.  We didn't have much money back then so all we could afford was the cheap one.  DJs these days are spoiled.  I had my cheap Realistic mixer in 1988 over 20 years ago.