boots wit da fuhhhr .:Apr 08 09:.

If only adults were as innocent as children and decided to simply just have fun sometimes.

- Daeta


DEEP ROOTED .:Apr 08 09:.

Big up San Diego. Big up to my boy DJ Artistic.  Big up San Diego. Big up to my boy DJ Artistic.  Deep Rooted getting some love on Vimby.

VIMBY - Deep Rooted

.: DJ Jo_iLL :.


Mandilon status .:Apr 06 09:.



Sleepwalkin' .:Apr 04 09:.

everyone seems to be on the youtube bloggin' tip, so here is my contribution:



CRAZY GOLF HOLE .:Apr 03 09:.

For all you golfers out there, how would you like to play this hole. I read that this is a course in South Africa where you have to take a helicopter ride to the tee box. The green is shaped like Africa and if you hit a hole in one you get paid a million bucks. Wild!

- Argonaut


BeatDiggers!!!! .:Apr 03 09:.

Had to add a little bit to Jo_ills blog about sampling, with some of my favorite NYC producers with the Lyricist Lounge cameoing. In our Serato age we still have the ability to use technology and be fundamentally sound DJs and Producers by doing the knowledge, which in my opinion REQUIRES some participation in the digging realm. In other words don't just plug in your computer and download, go out and get dirty finding it.

- Existence 76