90 Degrees On a Sunday .:Apr 21 09:.

Nam (FlavorInnovator), myself, Romali, and Jen BBQ'd some dogs, nd a nice tri-tip to celebrate the hottest day of the year so far. We started getting restless, so we ended up carving spears out of branches, while taking shots of vodka, and ended the night cooling off at the pool with a bunch of Samoans...another day in the burbs.  Good times.

Sammie destoying things as usual.

Spear Chuckin' Gang

Ended up taking pics at the building across the street...for what reason?  I don't know....other than us being faded off our asses. Yes...I am holding Romali's foot...no homo. Next time we're making slingshots.

- Jo_iLL


For my fans of "Life Goes On" .:Apr 17 09:.

The only known record of Corky's performance of "Fight the Power" from the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at Hill Valley High School in 1955.

- JABAone


Brew Ha Ha .:Apr 13 09:.

Came across an old live mix from 2005.  We used to have a Saturday gig at the La Jolla Brew House, so one night i brought this little mp3 player with a line-in and record feature.  This particular night was it me and Gav spinning.  Man we had so many fond and not so fond memories from that place.
I remember we had beef with one of the bartenders who thought a brawl would break out just cuz we were playing indy/underground hip hop.  He wanted us to stick to a 90's Golden Age format to keep the peace.  I mean if fools wanna fight, they are gonna fight--regardless of what record is playing!  I wish we recorded the debate between him, Jaba, & I regarding the true meaning of "hip hop" music.  Y'all would be laughing...
But I digress.  One of the good memories from that spot is we kept on doing what we did best, playing everything from L.O.N.S to Longevity Crew, EPMD to Edan, MC Hammer to MF Doom. 
You can't keep HGB in a box, son!!!




CHAMPION SOUND .:Apr 13 09:.

The homie Jun has made one of his mixes available for download. 
This is a very timeless (what reggae music isn't timeless, right?) mix made in 2004, now for you to enjoy in the Oh-Nina!

Big Bout Ya!

"A-Class Champion"

From early Roots to Lovers Rock... with this, that and the other in between... enjoy the tunes!

coming soon!!!




Blu and Mainframe are Johnson&Jonson .:Apr 12 09:.

So it must have been 2005 or 2006. Jo_iLL hooked up a Homegrown Blends booth at a Slum Village show in Oxnard.  I agreed to help out.  I had never been to Oxnard.  Supa Koopa met us at the show.  I don't remember the location other than it was right next to the beach and the venue was pretty big.  In any event, Johnson&Jonson performed at the show as well as Pacific Division.   Supa was all hyped when J&J came on because he knew Mainframe and wanted to support.  I had heard of Blu at the time but that's about it.  Fast forward 4 to 5 years later. If you are into hip hop and don't know who Blu is now you must be on another planet.  Supa had talked for some time about the Blu and Mainframe project dropping and even previewed a track for us over a year ago (I believe it was "The Only Way").  Below the Heavens came out then the CRAC project and still no J&J.  Finally... Below the Heavens was a dope album, but don't sleep on this album.  For my personal taste, I'd put this up there with Below the Heavens.  To me it would be like comparing apples and oranges because the production is different but equally good.  Blu brings it as usual and again shows his versality as an MC rhyming over a variety of beats.  Mainframe's production is on point.  Very soulful. I mean you got slow chill tracks, head nod ish, you name it and Blu sounds dope over each track.  My favorite tracks are 1, 2, 6, 7, all the tracks on the D side.


We're proud to carry the J&J vinyl at freshcrate.com.  Jaba and I both played a couple of Blu tracks on our mixtapes Poked in the Eye and Hip Hop is Dead 2.  Check em both also at www.freshcrate.com.




Stop Motion Megaman .:Apr 12 09:.

On a daily basis, I usually check out behance.net for design inspiration. This vid was posted today....SICK!

-- Jo_iLL --