Record Review: Suite for Ma Dukes .:May 05 09:.

So this is the our first Record Review, and because I would be the worst person to attempt to write a review, I have recruited a friend of mine who buys music as often as he eats to handle this one. I call him JJ, but he goes by "IX" as in the number 9.  - Jo_iLL

His legacy continues. By far, this is one of the most sophisticated tributes to the late great James "Dilla" Yancey. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Niño (from Dwight Trible & the Life Force Trio's Love Is the Answer) reinterpret select Dilla productions through chamber music. You read that right. It's that same ol' buttery and provocative melody, but translated into an arranged masterpiece, minus the drums. From the flutes to the horns and to the violins, each contribution still catches the pure essence of what made Dilla's beats sound nothing short of amazing.

If you ever get a chance to listen to the track, Antiquity, then take note of what Carlos Niño had to say about the recording from Mochilla's website:

"It is also important to note that there was a very mystical and musical rain that came through on the bassoon tracks for Antiquity. When we heard the rain, hitting the sky light of the main live room at Bomb Shelter, we were immediately drawn to it! Miguel commented, that it was Dilla, and we all agreed. When we played the music for Dilla’s mom Ma Dukes, and brought the rain to her attention, she also agreed that it was him. If you listen closely, you’ll hear it in the track!"

Those who were looking for more of those neck breaking beats might shy away from this, but if you can appreciate the effort put into it and the sheer amount of dedication that made us followers of Dilla's legacy, then you should do yourself a favor and pick up this gem. Four tracks of orchestrated goodness. Proceeds from this record will undoubtely go to Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey (Dilla's ma).



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