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The Science of Sound .:May 06 09:.

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More Melodic than CliffsNotes .:May 06 09:.

Last Friday my boss asked me last minute to deliver something Downtown.  I had a few minutes to spare before heading back to the office and ran into the homie DJ Style AKA Question.  I've looked up to this brotha and his skills since the 90s.  Dude used to kill it at Blow Pop in OB back in the day with the A# Drop Squad.  He also murdered it a few times at our Crossroads gigs, down at the Juke Joint and Hollywood Star (remember those venues?!)

Mark did alot for the Hip Hop Community then, and he is still contributing, but on a worldwide level now.  Check out his latest project with Freddie Joachim:

STUDY GUIDE a dope collection of jazzy beats

Study Guide is available now on iTunes, and the CD will be officially released in the U.S. on July 1st.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DJ/PRODUCERS!

oh yeah, i am currently bumpin' one of his mixes SOUL SCHEME which you can find, along with other sick mixes on Myspace.

Big up and Congrats, Mark!

- Bojo


PEEP SHOW .:May 06 09:.

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FTW!!!!!!! .:May 06 09:.


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