Sungod Festival 2009 .:May 18 09:.

So this past Friday, I checked out the Sungod Festival at UCSD to see my man Nosaj Thing play.  As an alum of UCSD it was cool going back out to the campus.  I went to one Sungod when I was a student at UCSD.  It has definitely come a long way as a festival.  The only way you can go to the show is if you are a student, work for UCSD, an almuni, know an artist or a guest of a student.  All I can say is that college kids are wild.  There was this one kid wearing tighty whiteys dancing and trying bust handstands... strange...  There was a gang of people there, just eyeballing it I would have to say about 4000+.  I got there pretty early and only stayed to see Nosaj and I also got a chance to see Sara Bareilles.   I wanted to see Rootbeer but had I stayed to see them I would have been at the festival for already five hours.  Definitely impressed by Ms. Braeilles, she put on a good show.  Nosaj was dope as well.  I did get a chance to see DJ Numark as well.  Numark is always good to see live.  He plays good ish.  The headliner was N.E.R.D. who went on I think at 11:00 ish.  I was long gone by then.  Nosaj's album drops I believe on June 9 or 10.

This is the stage Ms. Bareilles played on.  It was way too packed for me to get up close, so I chilled right behind the sound boards.  They also had a huge screen on the left of the stage so you could see the artist.  There was a gang of people around me also being that far back.

Heres a pic of Nosaj in the Dance Tent.

- DJ Argonaut


Diggin on a budget in NYC .:May 16 09:.

So I am here in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City staying and taking in a city that I have always wondered about but never visited.

Yesterday I walked through Brooklyn Heights down to Ft. Greene and areas between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges; two days ago I traveled by foot through the Lower East Side through Little Italy into Soho (South of Houston St.) into the West Village. I stumbled upon a record store with dollar records.

Making new friends and feeling at home...

Pictures by Jen Verducci
I am having a good time out here and wish I didn't have to leave next week. By the way I was checking out the local radio shows on 105.1 with Ed Lover Friday Morning Mix, Hot 97 Mr. Seize(sp) Throwback at Noon and listening to Funk Master Flex talk a bunch of garbage over his mix last night; I WISH we had some kinda flava like that on the radio stations in San Diego. Anyways I will have more to say when I get back, peace from the BK son!!!



iiiME ENCANTA!!! .:May 15 09:.


- JABAone


Culture Cypher .:May 14 09:.

For the Wu-Tang fans out there -- here is the classic "yo Meth, where's my killer tape at?" skit in (a crude) animated form.

i'm really just posting this because the thought of the Wu-Tang dudes having a poster of a Corgi on the wall is just priceless.


BIG TINGS .:May 13 09:.




Marc Moulin - Tohubohu .:May 11 09:.