It's Tricky .:May 19 09:.

Gav is still working on getting some audio players embedded in the blogs, so in the meantime, enjoy this low budget video I made.  One of my favorite mixtape segments:




Once again my boy IX hits us with another guest record review. This time it's for one of the crew's favorite producers, DJ Day.  Peace. 

- Jo_iLL

How many times have you been able to go through a whole album without skipping a track because it was too good? Probably not many. DJ Day's The Day Before: The Backcatalogue 1999-2007 takes precedence as a personal favorite of all-time. It's mostly just beats that came off of singles, remixes, and exclusives on wax throughout DJ Day's years as a producer, but this is not your typical compilation of beats - this is literally a melting pot of funk genre greatness. From its first track, Four Hills, praised by record collector Gilles Peterson, to its last calming track of Make You, the album plays through like a perfect day of sunrise to sunset. His sound spectrum borders from chill to serious and he was able to blend them all seamlessly. On top of all that, add in an unreleased track with Aloe Blacc on Closer and you've got yourself a must-have. If the sunlight from this album doesn't wake you up, then you've been sleepin' too long.



HGB SAMPLER 2009 .:May 18 09:.

The new HGB Music Sampler is out.  If you are in Hawaii (Oahu) in late May and happen to know about the hip hop festival, hit up the Armory booth and holler at JABAone, he should have some.  Also get one free with any order at  Big ups to Existence76 and Dopeshoes for putting it together.

- DJ Argonaut


Sungod Festival 2009 .:May 18 09:.

So this past Friday, I checked out the Sungod Festival at UCSD to see my man Nosaj Thing play.  As an alum of UCSD it was cool going back out to the campus.  I went to one Sungod when I was a student at UCSD.  It has definitely come a long way as a festival.  The only way you can go to the show is if you are a student, work for UCSD, an almuni, know an artist or a guest of a student.  All I can say is that college kids are wild.  There was this one kid wearing tighty whiteys dancing and trying bust handstands... strange...  There was a gang of people there, just eyeballing it I would have to say about 4000+.  I got there pretty early and only stayed to see Nosaj and I also got a chance to see Sara Bareilles.   I wanted to see Rootbeer but had I stayed to see them I would have been at the festival for already five hours.  Definitely impressed by Ms. Braeilles, she put on a good show.  Nosaj was dope as well.  I did get a chance to see DJ Numark as well.  Numark is always good to see live.  He plays good ish.  The headliner was N.E.R.D. who went on I think at 11:00 ish.  I was long gone by then.  Nosaj's album drops I believe on June 9 or 10.

This is the stage Ms. Bareilles played on.  It was way too packed for me to get up close, so I chilled right behind the sound boards.  They also had a huge screen on the left of the stage so you could see the artist.  There was a gang of people around me also being that far back.

Heres a pic of Nosaj in the Dance Tent.

- DJ Argonaut


Diggin on a budget in NYC .:May 16 09:.

So I am here in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City staying and taking in a city that I have always wondered about but never visited.

Yesterday I walked through Brooklyn Heights down to Ft. Greene and areas between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges; two days ago I traveled by foot through the Lower East Side through Little Italy into Soho (South of Houston St.) into the West Village. I stumbled upon a record store with dollar records.

Making new friends and feeling at home...

Pictures by Jen Verducci
I am having a good time out here and wish I didn't have to leave next week. By the way I was checking out the local radio shows on 105.1 with Ed Lover Friday Morning Mix, Hot 97 Mr. Seize(sp) Throwback at Noon and listening to Funk Master Flex talk a bunch of garbage over his mix last night; I WISH we had some kinda flava like that on the radio stations in San Diego. Anyways I will have more to say when I get back, peace from the BK son!!!



iiiME ENCANTA!!! .:May 15 09:.


- JABAone