TONIGHT! .:Jun 16 09:.


Stolen from the Armory Blog .:Jun 12 09:.

Cros One Says; Ok so we just got back in town from a trip to Honolulu Hawaii for the Undividied Hip Hop event out that way. Whooo crazy trip. Myself CROS1, Felt1, Jaba and Hektik made the trek out there. I judged the bboy battle crutching around in my crutches couldnt miss the event judged alongside Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew and Skilroy of the Hawaii Rock Steady Chapter. Felt and Hektik held some DJ workshops for aspiring DJ's and Jaba dj'd the event alongside peeps like Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies, Roli Rho of Fifth Platoon, Jus Jones of Rock Force and many others. Beat Freaks and Super Crew were out there also Rivers Crew and Full Force to round it out. The homies Brisk of Tribal and Slick of Dissizit were out there painting alongside many others. Overall the event was success. Could have been a better turn out but I dunno I dont think Hawaiians even believed it was gonna be like this. So hopefully next year turns out alot better. Also look out for Mighty 4 Paulskee was out there scoping the scene. Looks like Hawaii Hip Hop just got a seed planted and looking forward to the culture growing from here on out. Heres some footage from the event enjoy.

Beatfreaks Performance Rivers Crew vs. Full Force


CLASSIC KRUSH .:Jun 07 09:.


Frank Nitt .:May 29 09:.

My boy Ironik linked this on Facebook this morning.  Frank Nitt (Frank n' Dank) over DJ Quick?!!? FRESH!  Didn't expect it to sound so nice!  Can't wait to hear the whole album.

- Jo_iLL


LOVERS ROCK .:May 26 09:.

I called in sick one morning in January 2000 with nothing planned for the day.  Surrounded by a bunch of Reggae vinyl and a Yamaha Four Track, I decided to bang out a quick mix.  Here it is for your iPod Summer rotation:
(click on image to download)

I digitally added the sound effects years later...



SUPA KOOPA AND OUTKOME available on iTunes .:May 26 09:.

ALMOST NAMELESS available for digital download on iTunes.  Search Supa Koopa, Outkome or Almost Nameless.  Pickup your physical copy at