Exile & DJ Day...MJ Tribute .:Jul 02 09:.

Yet again another DJ Day and Exile vid....tt seems like they can't ever do wrong.

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Do The Right Thing-20 Years .:Jul 02 09:.

When I think of a provocative sensibility to film making a name on the top of the list is Spike Lee. Do The Right Thing for me is the quintessential cinematic piece of Spike Lee's collected work that holds the most provocation. Without getting into all of the countless political and socio-economic underlying messages in Do The Right Thing (which would take a whole blog dedicated entirely to this movie and endless chapters/entries) I would like to acknowledge the impact that this film had. From critics saying this film would incite riots to being mentioned as the best film from the 1980's Spike Lee had a huge impact on the way we see each other with this film. Roger Ebert said this about the release of the movie:

'Spike Lee has given more genuine and varied images of black people than in the last 20 years of American movies put together.'

'If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is a part of yourself. What isn't a part of ourselves doesn't disturb us'.- Herman Hesse

It was a trip being in that part of Brooklyn 5 weeks ago and seeing where this landscape existed, definitely eye-opening.

Happy Twenty Years Spike Lee, Bed Stuy Do or Die is all in our hearts today.



Never Can Say Goodbye .:Jun 27 09:.


The rental's loaded up and I'm READY TO ROLL!!! .:Jun 27 09:.

See you in Los Angeles!!!



R.I.P. .:Jun 25 09:.


Art Fart .:Jun 25 09:.

Manipulated a photo by my boy Keen. Here's the original:

And my manipulated version:

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