Mariah...for REAL? MARIAH?!?! .:Aug 06 09:.

Good job Em! You just served... Mariah? (WTF???) You wasted more time writing this rap than I did wrting this blog entry... and the fact that I even wrote this entry in the first place is sad in and of itself. Go back to battling son!

- JABAone




1993 - A Time When The Radio Was Ill, Record Companies Should Take Notes .:Aug 04 09:.

I gotta thank DJ/BBOY Destijl for putting me on to this. What is a radio station worth if no one is listening anymore? Give me a reason to tune in besides clowning wack styles, lack of creativity and substance. Actually in the words of Ice Cube- FUCK THE RADIO!!

- Existence 76


HGB White Shirts .:Aug 04 09:.

I was talking to Joill and in casual conversation he mentioned that white colored shirts are good summer shirts because they keep you cooler in the sun.  As stupid as this sounds, I never really thought about that although I knew the general rule that light colors reflect more sunlight and dark colors absorb more sunlight.  I personally don't wear very many white t-shirts and I can't remember the last time I made a decision to wear a light shirt because it was sunny outside.  I'm always afraid I'm going to get the shirt dirty.  We ending up pressing some new Fresh Crate logo tees in white and since its summer time I've been wearing the shirt more because it's been pretty hot and sunny out.  Although white tees aren't my thing, I'm proud to rep my crew and at least it keeps you cooler in the the sunlight.  LOL.  You ever see that guy who on a sunny summer day who is wearing the blackest shirt you've ever seen and is obviously hotter than most and is all sweating and you can think to yourself doesn't this guy know you don't wear black shirts on a hot summer day.  Or you're think that dude was trying to be all hard with his dark colors and now the jokes on him.  Well at least nobody will be thinking either of those about me.  We got another HGB logo tee coming real soon.  For now, enjoy our Fresh Crate and Women's RCA Jack shirts available on FC.  Both designed by Joill.

- Argonaut


RIP TITUS GLOVER .:Aug 01 09:.


Jazzy Jens vs. D'Angelo .:Jul 31 09:.

GAMM with another quality release as always.

- Jo_iLL