HGB x Fresh Crate .:Sep 27 09:.

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- Argonaut


Bollywood on Fresh Crate .:Sep 27 09:.

This last 4th of July I was invited to annual park party in Mira Mesa, CA that the homies throw every year; the breaks are played under a gazebo and the B Boys get down until the fireworks. I had actually played there 3 years ago and really enjoyed the event complete with food and good people all around. So as I was waiting my turn to play some breaks to keep the dancing going I watched this dude play some incredible funk vinyl originals. He looked vaguely familiar and we struck up a conversation after I was done with my set about records, rare groove and mixtapes. Our conversation left me with the impression that he knows a lot about music and he is a classy dude. He invited me to a party the next day down in the Embarcadero(SD) but I ended up having a family event to attend. I am usually horrible with names but at the time I remembered his, DJ Smokestack of the Horsepower Crew.

Weeks later I happened to come across some information about him on the internet and realized he had released a Bollywood funk mixtape, a genre I am extremely fond of(Bombay the HardWay etc.). DJ Smokestacks mix Shitala is a supremely selected and mixed journey through the Bollywood landscape complete with call and response choruses, raw red-lining vocals and rhythm crazed breakdowns. Definitely worth a listen whether you are a B Boy/B Girl or simply in search of sonic inspiration. Check it out on Freshcrate:
Shitala: Indian Disco Funk Thrillers

- Existence 76


SHAFIQ HUSAYN doin the dolo thang! .:Sep 25 09:.

I need to check my mail more often... Didn't realize I had this! From the good people at PLUG RESEARCH (the SAME peeps who brought you Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Exile's "Radio" LP etc etc etc)  Here comes Shafiq doin the solo thing.  I've only listened to the album once so far and can best describe it off my FIRST impression as Sa-Ra (duhhhh!) meets that old funky Earth Wind and Fire. Essentially, Shafiq Husayn's solo album "En' A Free Ka" is 17 tracks of PURE THOUGHTFUL GOODNESS that yall aint ready for! (Quite frankly I wasn't sure what to expect really...) Mixed by DJ Lefto featuring Bilal, Count Bass D and many others. I'm about to get into it a few more times and get more into depth on this review... Album hits stores October 6th on Plug Research. Get a little taste of it HERE!  EASY!Photobucket -JABAone


DMC World 1995 DJ Noize .:Sep 24 09:.

WHAT THE!?!?!?! So fresh...so clean!!! 


Dumbfoundead vs. Tantrum pts. 1 and 2 .:Sep 24 09:.



GB THIS SATURDAY! .:Sep 23 09:.

Gordon Biersch Happy Hour Specials:
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