TTLounge .:Oct 11 09:.

Okay so... we posted some old vids of some of the homies rockin it at the ORIGINAL TURNTABLE LOUNGE... just giving respect where respect is due...

DJ R-Type



DJ Tanner



Sweet Reggae Music .:Oct 07 09:.



Tribute .:Oct 01 09:.


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HGB x Fresh Crate .:Sep 27 09:.

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- Argonaut


Bollywood on Fresh Crate .:Sep 27 09:.

This last 4th of July I was invited to annual park party in Mira Mesa, CA that the homies throw every year; the breaks are played under a gazebo and the B Boys get down until the fireworks. I had actually played there 3 years ago and really enjoyed the event complete with food and good people all around. So as I was waiting my turn to play some breaks to keep the dancing going I watched this dude play some incredible funk vinyl originals. He looked vaguely familiar and we struck up a conversation after I was done with my set about records, rare groove and mixtapes. Our conversation left me with the impression that he knows a lot about music and he is a classy dude. He invited me to a party the next day down in the Embarcadero(SD) but I ended up having a family event to attend. I am usually horrible with names but at the time I remembered his, DJ Smokestack of the Horsepower Crew.

Weeks later I happened to come across some information about him on the internet and realized he had released a Bollywood funk mixtape, a genre I am extremely fond of(Bombay the HardWay etc.). DJ Smokestacks mix Shitala is a supremely selected and mixed journey through the Bollywood landscape complete with call and response choruses, raw red-lining vocals and rhythm crazed breakdowns. Definitely worth a listen whether you are a B Boy/B Girl or simply in search of sonic inspiration. Check it out on Freshcrate:
Shitala: Indian Disco Funk Thrillers

- Existence 76