NO REQUESTS!!!! .:Oct 25 09:.

Gav and I spun at the SDAFF last Friday night.  We did what HGB always does, playin' stuff across the spectrum.  Towards the end of the night, this young cat who worked for the actual theater started asking "Y'all can play whatever you want? Or y'all just playin Asian rappers all night?"  (I don't even think we played ONE song from an Asian MC!).  I confirmed that we were allowed to play what we wished, so he proceeded to ask for Lil Wayne.  I truthfully told him that I had no Weezy tracks in my possession, and suspected that Gav had none either.  A coworker behind the concession stand asked for Empire State of Mind, which I would have gladly played if I had the Clean edit.  The first dude started to trail off, sayin' something like "gimme some Jay-Z or Kanye West..somethin'...I need some of that!" HAHA  I dunno where this kid was when we were playin' new Ghostdini, Fashawn, Q-Tip, etc...

anyway...check out our set.  Audio ain't great, but at least you can tell we're not playing all Asian MC's all night!



"Pan-Diesel?" .:Oct 22 09:.

and in JABA's Random Corner... no matter what it is that you have to say... NOTHING is more relevant than a picture of that guy who rapped with Fu Schnickens, holding a panda... Photobucket CHHHHUUUURRRRRCH!



Hmm... .:Oct 22 09:.

What are they REALLY tryin to tell us here?Photobucket


Johnny Popcorn .:Oct 21 09:.

- Existence 76, FlavorInnovator, & Argonaut


HGB VU METER .:Oct 21 09:.

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Upcoming HGB Projects... .:Oct 17 09:.

Here's a pic of some of the HGB projects that I know are coming down the line.  I know other heads in the crew are working on ish but here's a preview of a few things that I have lent a hand in. 

-DJ Argonaut