Cool bongo dude...uh what?? .:Nov 03 09:.

Things like this make the DIY/Hacker in me smile.  Can you imagine bringing this over to the World Beat Center's drumming sessions and getting down?

Check out the official site here:

Looks like Q-Bert already got his order in!  Y'all better start saving now!



BANGS .:Oct 30 09:.



!!!!! .:Oct 28 09:.


Vox Merger video premier .:Oct 27 09:.

Peep The homies from THE VOX MERGER with their brand SPANKIN new video produced and directed by the homies of Xylophone Films and Kid Heroes. Just dropped this morning.  Video features Francine Dee, Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling, Triple Helix, some of the homies from Homegrown Blends and of course The Vox Merger.  PEEP GAME!!!


Whitesnake's on a WHAT?!?! .:Oct 27 09:.

ANNNNNND in JABA's Random Corner... Photobucket



Black Dynamite .:Oct 26 09:.

- Pauze