SKRATCHPAD .:Nov 06 09:.

So Romali and myself hit up Skratchpad the other night.  We've been coming here almost every other Tuesday.  It's thrown by Celski and Deeandroid...if you don't 'em!  It's always a good time.  They basically have open turntables, and everyone gets down on a wild scratch session.  There is even some crazy kid who was doing headstands behind the decks because he was so excited to get on.  The B-Boys come out too...good times.  My boy JP got a pic of me on the cut. 

- Jo_iLL


HGB's OWN SUPA KOOPA 805!!! .:Nov 04 09:.


YO!!!  Make sure you dip by to download music from the homie Blame One and Homegrown Blend's own Supa Koopa...  And if you don't know, NOW YOU KNOW!!!  GETTEM BLAME!  GETTEM KOOP!

And if you like this Blame One track, be sure to check out more of Supa Koopa's beats on the Write Bros. "Egomaniacs" 12" vinyl available at Fresh Crate, featuring a track with underground hero 2Mex!


ANNNND in JABA's random corner... .:Nov 03 09:.

Pedo Bunny??? Photobucket


Cool bongo dude...uh what?? .:Nov 03 09:.

Things like this make the DIY/Hacker in me smile.  Can you imagine bringing this over to the World Beat Center's drumming sessions and getting down?

Check out the official site here:

Looks like Q-Bert already got his order in!  Y'all better start saving now!



BANGS .:Oct 30 09:.



!!!!! .:Oct 28 09:.