S Villa! .:Nov 25 09:.



We here at HGB like to have a little fun, but we dont like a lot of guidelines. So we kept it simple and put it to each other this way: Make something. It can be a remix, a quick mix, a scratch routine, even a damn comedy routine. Hell, you can read your favorite recipe if it suits you, so long as your voice sounds nice, and that sh*t tastes good when you cook it. Whatever. Just no more than 5 minutes and no less than dope.

Coming NOVEMBER 21st...individual tracks from various members of the crew. From our ears to yours.

Roll Call Vol. 1: Rainbows & Unicorns

Why Rainbows & Unicorns you ask? Well, everyone could use a little magic in their lives.

Just kidding.

Because its funny.
Because its damn funny.

AND don't forget to check out the Roll Call Vol. 1 PARTY!!!! Goin' down Saturday, Nov. 21st at the infamous MORENA CLUB

We will be handing out FREE COPIES of the CD at this magical festival:



PAC MAN! .:Nov 07 09:.



BLACK DYNAMITE!! .:Nov 06 09:.

- Pauze


NORTH BEACH .:Nov 06 09:.

I've lived in the bay area for 2 years now...damn. Life keeps movin'.   Was working in North Beach for about 4 months...this was my view.

- Jo_iLL


SKRATCHPAD .:Nov 06 09:.

So Romali and myself hit up Skratchpad the other night.  We've been coming here almost every other Tuesday.  It's thrown by Celski and Deeandroid...if you don't know...google 'em!  It's always a good time.  They basically have open turntables, and everyone gets down on a wild scratch session.  There is even some crazy kid who was doing headstands behind the decks because he was so excited to get on.  The B-Boys come out too...good times.  My boy JP got a pic of me on the cut. 

- Jo_iLL