Rock, Rock on... .:Dec 18 09:.

Charlie Rock (RSC) showin' off some of his vinyl he's going to be selling at the Beat Swapmeet this weekend.

- Jo_iLL


Roll Call Vol. 1: Rainbows & Unicorns .:Dec 18 09:.

Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!  Remixes, beats, and scratches by Pauze, Jo_iLL, Dopeshoes, Argonaut, Supa Koopa, Romali, Bojo, and Existence 76.  Don't judge a book by it's now and listen!

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Roll Call Vol. 1: Rainbows & Unicorns

Why Rainbows & Unicorns you ask? Well, everyone could use a little magic in their lives.


How Facebook messes up relationships .:Dec 16 09:.

LMAO?!?!?! YOUR WHOLE ASS???  HAHAHA!!!  Yeah I don't do Facebook...  some people just take that sh*t WAYYY too far...-



LMAO!!! .:Dec 16 09:.

I once had a dream that went like this... *sighhhh* Photobucket




























AUDIOS .:Dec 09 09:.

Got a random email from this guy with a link to this video. I've never heard of him before, some of the crew has...but he's a local cat reppin' OB doin' his thing. Peace to all the artists out there keepin' it movin'!

:: Jo_skriLLa ::


FINALLY .:Dec 08 09:.

Can't freakin' wait!
Hard to believe its been almost 10 years...

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