BAMBU - The Queen Is Dead .:Dec 28 09:.

The Queen Is Dead, is the first song leaked from the new EP, …paper cuts… from Los Angeles’ own Bambu. The EP features Chace Infinite (Self Scientific), Geologic (Blue Scholars), Malcolm & Martin, Thurzday (U-N-I) and Diz Gibran, with production by Digital Martyrs, Fatgums, 6Fingers, MTK, Anon and Nick James. …paper cuts… is set for a February 23rd release on Homegrown Blends.

DOWNLOAD: Bambu – The Queen Is Dead


KIDRAGON .:Dec 24 09:.


ANNND in JABA's RANDOM CORNER... .:Dec 21 09:.

FINGER PUPPETS... great as a noun...  horrible as a verb... [via Demitri Martin] Photobucket





















DJ Jo_iLL LIVE! (06' & 07') .:Dec 20 09:.

It's been a minute since I've worked on a mix CD, so to make up for it, I'm putting a couple of old mixes up on the site for download. 

"Live at Mixtape Sessions" is a live 1 hour set that was recorded in 2006 at an event called "Mixtape Sessions" in San Diego, CA.  I know...2006 was 3 years ago, and there is a lot of new music out there...but I'm sure you will hear a few timeless gems on here that you've never heard.  Shout out to DJ Mada and Ricky Wrecks for putting me on that night.

Artists on this mix includes: DJ Krush, People Under The Stairs, Quasimoto, Danny Breaks, JRocc, DJ Format, Heiro, Omega Watts, Beatconducter, Lescratch Funk, 2mex, DJ Presto, DJ Rylo, MF Doom, Erule, The Earl, Edan, Dilla, TaRaach and more. 1 hour of beats to nod your head to, to beats to get down to....enjoy.

CLICK HERE for instant download, or go to the "Media" section.

This 2nd one is a practice mix for a set I put together for an event thrown in San Diego in '07.  Uptempo beats and breaks to shake your @$$ to.  Artists inlcude: L.O.T.N.S., Antibalas, Alice Russel, Incredible Bongo Band and more.

CLICK HERE for instant download, or go to the "Media" section.



Rock, Rock on... .:Dec 18 09:.

Charlie Rock (RSC) showin' off some of his vinyl he's going to be selling at the Beat Swapmeet this weekend.

- Jo_iLL


Roll Call Vol. 1: Rainbows & Unicorns .:Dec 18 09:.

Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!  Remixes, beats, and scratches by Pauze, Jo_iLL, Dopeshoes, Argonaut, Supa Koopa, Romali, Bojo, and Existence 76.  Don't judge a book by it's now and listen!

Go do the "Media" section.

Roll Call Vol. 1: Rainbows & Unicorns

Why Rainbows & Unicorns you ask? Well, everyone could use a little magic in their lives.