For The Winnies!!! .:Feb 10 10:.

Here at HGB, we share music and support our friends and fam.  This is no different... Yo, I could NOT think if a FUNNIER, better name for a mixtape than the one JUST released by my fam Dstrukt (UTT, Acrylick, Raisin Headz). "FTW"... NEED I say more??? GETTEM D! Photobucket


















For The Winnie (FTW) (01:19:33) Download-


1. INTRO 2. Joe Cocker- With a Little Help from My Friends 3. Mayer Hawthorne- Shiny & New 4. Keith Sweat- Nobody 5. Rome- I Belong to You 6. Aaliyah- 4 Page Letter (Big Wet Kiss)* 7. Public Announcement- Bump Your Body 8. Chi Town- Lil Game We Play 9. Jackson 5- All I Do is Think of You. (Moving)* 10. Troop- All I Do is Think of You. 11. T-Pain- Chopped & Screwed (She Hates You)* 12. Ready for the World- Love you Down (Dstrukt Remix) 13. Ready for the World- Oh Sheila (Trackademics Remix)(She Wanted me To)* 14. Willie Max- Canít get Enough (Bass Remix) 15. Changing Faces & R. Kelly- Stroke you Up 16. Wayneís Bitch Ass* 17. Silk-E-Fyne- Romeo & Juliet 18. Sade- Skin 19. Anquette- I will always be there for You 20. Teddy Pendergrass- Love T.K.O. 21. The Stylistics- Maybe itís Love this Time 22. Ronie & Debra Laws- Very Special 23. Shai- Baby Iím Yours 24. Brandy- Almost Doesnít Count (Dj Premier Remix) 25. New Kids on the Block- Please Donít Go Girl 26. Supertramp- Breakfast in America 27. Player- Baby Come Back 28. Monica- The First Night 29. Common Feat. Kanye- Punch Drunk Love 30. Ludacris- Splash Waterfalls 31. Stoney Love- You Donít Know my Name 32. Prince Paul- I Want You (Iím an 80ís Man) 33. Cat Power- Iíve Been Thinking 34. Aaliyah- Hot Like fire 35. Jodeci Feat. Raekown- Freakiní You 36. TLC- Diggin on You 37. Eddie Kendricks- Intimate Friends (For in Love than Ever)* 38. Alicia Keys- Unbreakable 39. Slick Rick- Teenage Love 40. Tony Thompson- I Wanna Love like That (Becky Chewing up Arnold)* 41. KRS One- A Friend 42. The Bangerz- Missing You 43. The Deele- Two Occasions (First Fall Dance)* 44. Teena Marie- Oh La La La 45. Raphael Saadiq- Still Ray (Life Rexall Remix) 46. Les Nubians- Makeda 47. Faith Evans- You Used to Love Me (Lisa Berlini)* 48. Shalamar- For the Lover in You 49. Al B. Sure- Night & Day 50. Shola Ama- Loveley Affair 51. Slum Village- Fall in Love 52. Slum Village- Players 53. Slum Village Feat. DíAngelo- Tell Me 54. Slum Village- One Wonít Do 55. Slum Village- You Know what Love is 56. Slum Village- Climax (Sex Education)* 57. Maxwell- Ascension 58. Kashif- Curious 59. Michael Jackson- Girlfriend 60. The Temptations- My Girl (Nothing was worth Getting out of Bed)* 61. Luther Vandross- All my Love 62. Stevie Wonder- I Just Called to Say I Love You (Terrified Phone Call)* 63. Whitney Houston & Jermain Jackson- Take Good Care of my Heart 64. Feist- One Evening (Dj Kex Kuger Remix) 67. John Legend- Save Room 68. Sabor Szabo- Stormy (Sensitivity, Warmth, Intelligence)* 69. Justin Timberlake & Snoop Dogg- Signs 70. The Roots- The Seed 2.0 71. 311- Love Song 72. Mya- Itís All About Me 73. Cassie- Kiss Me 74. Fore MDís- Tender Love 75. Chromeo- Night By Night (Skream Remix) 76. Slow Dance on a Perfect Valentines Day*

Look him up...






One Love .:Feb 10 10:.

- Jo_iLL


Digs of a different variety .:Feb 10 10:.

Lately I've been spending my daily lunch hours at the J-O doing some record digging at the not-so-local thrift stores around northern SD.  I've been lucky enough to get some decent pieces here or there, but one spot a couple weeks ago had a particularly great find that wasn't wax.  Peep the pic below:

This is a Yamaha YP-211 belt-drive turntable from the '80s.  It is similar to the popular Marantz 6100 deck (the manufacturer rebadged similar decks for Yammie, Marantz, Pioneer, and Sansui).  The unit has some killer looks, but sound-wise it isn't very impressive compared to the DJ-standard Technics 1200 mk2.  I guess I'm a direct-drive kinda guy at the end of the day.

It was a bit dusty when I got it, but it did clean up pretty well and seemed to be well cared for after wiping off the dust.  A few more glamor shots:

The stock headshell is pretty nice too, weighs in at around 11 grams or so, and includes a screw that lets you adjust stylus azimuth. These are features you'd find on pricier headshells. 

I'm probably going to let the deck go on the good ole popular auction site, but I'm really tempted to keep the headshell!  It looks ill on the Yammie deck (completing the package), and it doesn't match up with the looks of the Technics deck, so most likely it will be kept with the deck.  Yes, I'm vain like that.

Ok, Yammie deck aside, the real treasure from this particular dig is the needle that came installed on it.  I didn't really care about getting the deck unless I got this along with it:

This is a Shure V-15 Type III cartridge with the top-of-the-line microridge stylus, probably from the late '80s as well.  A very sought-after combination for audio geeks.  This stuff isn't made any more, so scoring the combo can be a rare occurrence and can be expensive when you do.  So, call it a case of "right place, right time" for this one, because I got both the Yammie deck and the cartridge for cheap!  muaHAHAHA!

I've been giving the cartridge some serious spins this past week.  My wax never sounded so sweet.

I've been on a hi-fi audio kick for the past few months, so this was a stellar find for my young collection of cartridges.  One of these days I'll do a writeup on hi-fi from the indie sampling artist perspective (read: doing it on the cheap), so stay tuned.



V Day's Mood Music for the 2010! .:Feb 05 10:.

This Valentine's Day, make sure you're bumpin that sexy mood music mix CDs by my fams FELT ONE ( "Love Jones Vol. 1", DJ HEKTIK "For You, Love Hektik" and of COURSE yours truly -"Poked In The Eye By Love". All titles available this Valentine's Day (and MAYBE sooner) at,  Armory (803 F Street between 8th & 9th 619.238.8151) and WORD UP!!! Photobucket





























Romali .:Feb 03 10:.


The Bug Out Final Battle .:Feb 03 10:.

Got to DJ "The Bug Out" last weekend and here's a clip from the FINAL round. Cros and Riz wanted hip hop so that's what I pulled out for the finale. Big up all the homies who came through, esepcially the homies Lil Rock and Vietnam for making the trip back to the Six One Nina... Also, big ups Rock & ATN and of course my fams KING SASO and SUMO for making it to the finals. ENJOY!