SOHO/Village Record Shops .:Feb 25 10:.

Got a chance to do a little record shopping.  Stopped by a few spots in the SOHO, Village area.  I wasn't looking to dig on this trip but as we were just walking around the area we came across some shops so I HAD to stop in and take a peek.  Definitely a lot of great selections and prices varied.  There were a couple of spots with dollar bins but for the most part these spots knew their records and priced them accordingly.

Oh yeah... went to a show at the Le Poisson Rouge and saw Bonerama a New Orleans funk band.  Place was packed and music was good. 

- Argonaut


Artwork? .:Feb 25 10:.

So my fam Mike Herana shot these flicks of some pieces I did for some friends. When the wallets tight... you make art as gifts. lol! Anyone need some pieces??? Hit me up! I keep it STRICTLY to canvas now a days. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Joel Weston .:Feb 22 10:.

I used to work with Joel at a restaurant in San Francisco. Cool dude...he made beats, and rode fixed gear bikes. Some days at the restaurant we'd just listen to music, eat pizza and tiramisu. Happen to spot him on a video and searched his name. Looks like he's making some noise in the bike game right now with his fakie wheelie.

Joel Weston from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

- Jo_iLL


Shortkut .:Feb 21 10:.

Seen Shortkut many of times up here since I've been living in the bay...not once doing this s*** though. Straight kills it.

- Jo_iLL


REAL Mixtapes... .:Feb 19 10:.

Some people have asked me why I don't refer to myself as "DJ" Jaba, and really the answer is simple... I am not a DJ. That is a title that should be earned. Growing up, to be called a "DJ" was to be held in an exalted position... you were THAT GUY! All the "DJs" that were runnin SD in my days were TRUE masters of their craft... as "DJs" they battled, went digging, knew how to party rock... and they had ALL KINDS of tricks and tips on how to keep a record from skipping, or how to make the fader a little looser. See, to me... back in the day, THOSE were the "DJs." In my 14 years of spinning and collecting, I have always done what I have done, but NEVER would I EVEN THINK of referring to myself as a DJ. To me, it is an insult to the REAL DJs who were doin before me... and who are doin it TODAY. (NO dis to those who buy Serato and chnage their name to DJ so-and-so... you do YOU and I'll do me... who am I to judge?) That being said, this brings me to why I am writing this entry tonight. My boy Felt One ( ) hit me up and goes "YO!!! I came across Style's old mixtape... the one I designed the cover for? With Bert and Ernie on the inside?!" I was kinda buggin. This was one of the mixtapes (yes I said TAPES) that I didn't own, but always wanted for my collection. I ALWAYS looked up to Style, Smallz, Ragz... ALL them cats and told Felt he HAD to let me rip it to MP3. Photobucket  

So this got me thinkin... throughout the years I have recorded a LOT of radio programs from back in the day, collected MAD mixtapes and have been influenced by A LOT of GREAT DJs... ACTUAL DJs who as I said earlier; battled, studied the art of scratching, made mixtapes, studied mixing, diggin... REAL DJ cats that I looked up to... Marcus B, DJ Jam, Rattyhead, Rob One, Rhettmatic, Babu, DJ Ragz, DJ Demon, HOP, Mike Czech, Top Rawmen, ISP, Junkies, Empire DJs, Fingaz... Where did all those mixtapes I bought back in the day go? So I started diggin around the pad... Photobucket Photobucket

Pulled out the old shoebox my DEE BROWN-REEBOK PUMPS came in and BAM! Cassette singles GALORE! But NOT what I was looking for...  Hmmmm...  VVVVVVVV Photobucket

AND other tapes with no case... VVVVVVVVV Photobucket

And then I saw the price tags on some of these TAPES! WTF!!! REALLY??? What made me laugh though was the fact that SOME cats would NEVER think of paying $10.00 to support a hip hop event, let alone put up that loot to buy a MIXTAPE?! PSHHHH... WHATEVER... I WAS!!! That's how much I NEEDED to get that NEW heat. YES... back then we DID support the movement. Did you??? What about now??? Either way, I am glad as F**K I did. VVVVVVVV Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As time moved ahead, so did technology and so I began buying Mix CDs; DJ Demon, Mike Czech, H.O.P., DJ Happee, Stil Will, Nando, Mike C, Neil Armstrong, Vinroc, JUST to name a FEW of the DJs who influenced what I do today. These guys were comin CORRECT... full jewel cases, printed discs... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket As I started to dig thorugh all these tapes and CDs I started to transfer a lot of these gems to MP3. I even posted some of the OLD RADIO broadcasts from the early to mid 90s on my SoundCloud page. THIS is a piece of HIP HOP HISTORY... Enjoy them at  I will post more stuff as I find it... But as for now...  I am missing  BOXES of more mixtapes...  Babu's Comprehension Mitxape, Rhett's Piece of Sh*t Mixtape, Empire DJs Crew Mixtape, Marcus B's Matrix Mixtape, Rip One's Mixtape, QBert's Operation Pumpkin Squeeze...  the hunt for the REST of my tapes continues... In the meantime, thanks for lettin me get up on my soapbox. I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me...





Part 2 of 3 .:Feb 18 10:.