Fresh Caesar Mixtape & Cover Art .:Mar 05 10:.

My boy Court aka Fresh Caesar, has released his first official "mixtape" to the world: The Breakthrough Mixtape: Volume 1. The cover art was created by myself, Romali, and our boy Eric aka 31216.

You can read a nice write-up about who Fresh Caesar is here. The track "I See It (Freestyle)" is one of my favorites, and he used a Pauze beat to spit over (posted below image). In addition, I have cuts on a couple tracks. Check it out...the mixtape is free and can be downloaded at his site



Fresh Crate Music Sampler Vol. 2 .:Mar 05 10:.

A sample of some of the music available for purchase at  Available on the podcast or click here to download.


Danny Brown .:Mar 04 10:.

Danny Brown "Re-Up" Video from FWMJ on Vimeo.



One Mo' Gin .:Mar 04 10:.

Pauze reminded today that this January was the 10 year anniversary of Voodoo.  Here is a promo vid for the LP.  I remember being in Europe for the first time in '99, bumpin' leaked tracks from the album over and over while driving btwn countries...



When life gives you lemons... .:Mar 04 10:.

THIS sucks!!! Revok has always been an influence on me artistically and well... sometimes the world catches up with you...

So what do you do??? You take the lemons life gives you... and make LEMONADE! HAHA! PhotobucketPhotobucket




Why status on Guru's health has been SLOW to leak! .:Mar 03 10:.

As a fan of the GSF, I have been trying to keep up on Guru's health and status. I found that everyone on Twitter was sayin "F*** SOLAR" and I was like... whats goin on with that? So I did a little research and found this video on Youtube. This is kinda... no scratch that... REALLY f*cked up. Peep game... and pray for Guru's health and strength. Get well soon Slick... we need you!