Leadership - Another Day .:Mar 14 10:.

Supa Koopa, Klutch, and Hollow.

Featured on Roll Call: Volume 1 from Homegrown Blends. (Download)


John Beez .:Mar 10 10:.

- DJ Jo_iLL


This Makes Me Happy .:Mar 10 10:.


- Existence 76


Secret Spots Yields and Library Record Mixtapes .:Mar 10 10:.

So yesterday I went to the Secret Spot(a place that will never be dug out completely) to dig out some gems. I found some cool stuff but my man Marsellus Wallace found a grip of stuff.

Some selections I found:                                   

Surprisingly good after a listen:

Always good:

John Abercrombie Reunion, I mean Timeless:

Some Gabor:

Nothing really that impressive or important but it felt good to be a digger for 4 hours. Marsellus came up on a sought after record I had already in my collection THREE times at the spot, he had all the nuts when we went yesterday. Sorry I can't give up the selection he found, hit him up, he will tell you. Check out his blog right here:


Dude has some serious library heat. Peep his new library mixtape on mixcrate:


Overall a good time with some serious concentration equipped with coffee, mexican food and a lil herbage. Until next time which is right around the corner...

- Existence 76


You Go Girl! .:Mar 08 10:.

DJ Dopeshoes reppin' HGB at Confidential last weekend:

HGB Ladies shirts and tanks are available HERE


Latest Pickups .:Mar 08 10:.

Amoeba last week...

Haven't listened to this whole album yet, but the cover art is BANANAS!

:: DJ Jo_iLL ::