WTF! .:Apr 13 10:.

- DJ  Jo_iLL


Mr. Ridley Meets Illogic For The First Time .:Apr 11 10:.

Just a couple of notes on this here, Mr. Ridley is one of the more talented emcee producers in San Diego right now, check all of his stuff with Anti Citizens(Bazerkowitz and Mr. Ridley). Peep his albums on The meeting between the two is very interesting so check it out here: Also dude is mad funny so stay tuned for a bunch of collabs he has been working on with various artists such as Jimmy Powers and Blame One. Much Respect



Janelle Monae .:Apr 05 10:.

- DJ Jo_iLL


The Roots play Dilla .:Apr 05 10:.

Check it out and download at Hypebeast.

- Jo_iLL


I Went Easter Egg Hunting Today .:Apr 05 10:.

Damn the Easter Bunny left a bunch of 'eggs' laying around. Check it out: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Happy Easter and stay safe from the Earthquake aftershocks

- Existence 76


Easter .:Apr 04 10:.

So it's easter and stuff where Jesus rises from the grave and fights the evil spirits riding a rabbit or something like that?  I don't really know...  [okay I'm joking... I apologize if I offended you...]  Either way...  we at Homegrown Blends want to wish you and your families a VERY Happy Easter.  Beware the Easter Bunny... He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you're doing bad things to yourself...




















and for no apparent reason... here's a picture of a lemur snowboardingPhotobucket