The Queen is Dead .:May 22 10:.

Big ups to the homey Bambu.  One of my favorite tracks off his EP ...paper cuts...   Pick it up at



Shing02 & Nujabes: Luv(sic) 2 .:May 21 10:.

Even with Nujabes' untimely passing, his music and legacy live on.  Here is just one example.  I love the simplicity and absolute absurdity of this video. Shingo definetly does his thing but Nujabes??? All I can say is... I love it when a tune makes you FEEL a certain way. This video for some reason just makes you FEEL good! LOL!!! Enjoy this as we slide into the weekend. "Perhaps we're even closer now after all things considered on this side of the planet, Couldn't pick a better time even if we planned it... To come clean and candid if I have to... Oh what I wouldn't trade for your laughter..."




Square Boy Ent. .:May 19 10:.

My boy Jae Knox's studio he built himself with his own 2 hands. He put up three walls inside of the space he's renting out to do it. I still don't get how you get to build walls in a rented space, but whatever...his studio is pretty impressive to be built by one guy. It is the home of Square Boy Entertainment.

Met Heatrock. Has some dope beats. Turns out he lives in downtown San Diego. Here he's getting some of his beats ready to play for Fresh Caesar.



Miguel Jontel .:May 15 10:.

Was recently put on to this dude by my roomate Keane. Turned out he's the dude that did the chorus on Blu's "First Things First". I know I'm on the late bus, but this dude kills it...had to re-post. Look him up...

- DJ Jo_iLL


FATBEATS LA!!! .:May 13 10:.

If you happen to be cruisin Melrose in LA, make sure you make 2 stops while you're out there... FIRST support your local record shop and pick up some wax and JABAone's mixtapes over at FATBEATS. 7600 Melrose Ave Ste J Los Angeles, CA 90046 Photobucket

and then go DIAGANOLLY across the street over to visit our folks at iVogue. 7561 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA. 90046 and pick up the NEW Homegrown Blends tees and other mixtapes from Homegrown Blends and our colleagues. Better get a scoop before its gone!!!



Who Is Clutchy Hopkins? .:May 12 10:.

- Existence 76