KIDRAGON .:Jul 29 10:.

KIDRAGON at the Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain (14th century).


MEAT OVER DAM SAM .:Jul 29 10:.

The crew trying to take what Existence 76 is saying seriously....hahah! (jk Rosso...don't get mad).



Janelle Monae at All Shook Down Festival, SF .:Jul 27 10:.

Daeta and myself caught Janelle Monae at the All Shook Down Festival this year.  Daeta got up pretty close to the stage and caught some great shots. Here are 2 of my favorites.



Comic Con Weekend .:Jul 27 10:.

WHAT a weekend... LOTS of FUN, lots of running around and catching up with old friends. Pretty much started with a media party on Friday for work for the San Diego Reperatory Theatre production of Hairspray. Free food and drank... AND I got to see the show too??? You know I wasn;t going to miss that.  Yeah... you caught me... the nerd in me LOVES theatre, and this musical was DOPE! This song gave me CHILLS!!!!

The next day (Saturday) I got to hang out with one of my FAVORITE people and went to trade my 87 Haro frame...Photobucket

For a FRESH set of 20" Skyways... (flicks of the finished project coming soonfor all my old school BMX lovers!)Photobucket

Sunday, I got to roll around with the homie Kavet The Catalyst [Lightsleepers Crew, Hawaii] who was in town with Angry Woebot, Lofa, Slick and Dez.  I took him to Access and Armory to do a little diggin and even found some treats for myself...  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

But as the weekend came to an end I still had not attended the con... But I wanted to take SOME piece of it home with me.  So I caught up with my boy Woebot and swooped his comic-con EXCLUSIVE release of his Panda King Nightmare edition...  even got it personalized too.Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

- JABAone



More 'Con Images .:Jul 25 10:.

As seen thru the lenses of MIKE

These were taken at the LA Hands Release Party/Art Show (Onyx Room)


Slick's LA Hands (Cros1 on the wheels):


Images from the 'Con .:Jul 25 10:.

Jabba's Property:

the O.G. Grill, waay before Paul Wall's time:

And I'll form...THE HEAD:


The Admiral!

David Choe signs a Munko for us:

Wapak Mouse: