Matsui Challenge 2010 .:Sep 26 10:.

So my buddy B and I had a side bet in our fantasy baseball league this year.  It was called the Matsui challenged.  Long story short, I lost and part of the bet was that we had to take a trip to Denver to watch a baseball game for the weekend.  Along with watching a game we had a chance to explore Denver for a bit.  Here are some flicks.  Coors Field was actually really nice.

We ended up taking a drive up into the mountains one day.  There is a road where you can drive into the mountains which apparently is the highest paved road in North America.  We didnt make it to the top but the mountain air was fresh and amazing. 

Also had a chance to eat some interesting food.  Had Buffalo steak which was really really good.  Also went to this one spot where they sold some pretty interesting hot dogs. 

B had some Rocky Mountain Oysters.  If you dont know what they are google it. 

You know I had to stop in and do a little digging.  Prices were high so I didnt pick up anything, but I had to stop in and take a peek.


- Argonaut


Im On A Boat M****F**** .:Sep 26 10:.


I Like My Sugar With Coffee and Cream .:Sep 23 10:.

I ran across this video while checking out info on the new Reason 5 software (it is dope and I copped it...maybe I will do a review?).  I originally titled this post "Dinosaur Tales" but I did not want it to come off like a diss, though a lot of this stuff the kids nowadays cannot even begin to understand.  To be fair, I am a dinosaur too -- I think I still got my pausetapes stashed away here somewhere.

Anyway, Adrock tells some great stories from the Beastie Boys heyday and gives a little insight as to how cavemen circa 1984 made music.



Rocky Rivera, Xylophone & Kid Heroes- Trick Habit .:Sep 21 10:.

Rocky Rivera, one of the illest females in the game right now... just dropped her latest video with the homies at Xylophone Films and Kid Heroes. You might have heard her joint HEART on my last mix CD, "Taking The Low Road." PLEASE make sure you get out and support this lady. BIG UP Rocky Rivera... the world is watching, girl!




ESQ & Chikaramanga .:Sep 21 10:.

ESQ & Chikaramanga "My Intellect" from tresrecords on Vimeo.


GROWN GIANTS .:Sep 17 10:.