John Legend Show .:Feb 05 09:.

So I had a chance to see John Legend at RIMAC Arena at UCSD a few weeks back.  It was the second time I saw him live.  I usually have this rule about not seeing an act twice but I had a friend who had a couple of extra tickets and how can you say no to seeing John Legend.  The first time I saw him was a couple of years ago behind the San Diego Convention Center.  It was outdoors and Corrine Bailey Rae opened for him.  It was dope... we were maybe four rows from the stage.  Norv Turner had just been hired as the Chargers head coach and he was at the show one row away from our seats.  I actually have some old pictures I took on my phone.  John Legend came down into the crowd and he was literally right in front of me.

This time our seats weren't as close but John Legend was just as good.  Estelle opened up for him this time.  I had no idea she was the chick that sang that "American Boy" song.  She even said during the show that she was sick of the song but she had to sing it.  She was actually really good.  I ended up picking up her vinyl online after the show.  I didn't know that John Legend actually executive produced her album.  She was really entertaing and sang this "eff you" song.  It was madd funny.  John Legend was dope as usual.  He played on his grand piano, sang with passion and charisma and  had some pretty cool display monitors and lights behind him that had some pretty psychadelic images and lights.  The arena was packed.  If you ever have a chance to see John Legend, Corrine Bailey Rae or Estelle do it.

- DJ Argonaut


Romali on the cut at Jo_iLL's .:Feb 02 09:.

Romali and I spent the whole weekend together.  He comes through to Fremont to get away from his dorm mates, hang out, scratch, and eat all the food that I cook.  We tried recording a podcast but, he kept picking the records I already played, and it's hard for him to stick to the "U Ain't Hip-Hop", we ended up just recording this vid. Romali can be a beast on the cut.


MC Hollow - How You Livin' (HD) .:Feb 01 09:.

Supa Koopa makin' a video cameo.  K.L.U.T.C.H. on the beat. 


"Scrabled Ekgs" by Romali .:Jan 26 09:.

"Scrabled Ekgs" by Romali - (Digital Painting)


EM DEE .:Jan 21 09:.



A Couple of Artsy Flicks in '08 and Carlito .:Jan 05 09:.

This is the season to stay at home and watch movies, at least for me, so I kinda dug around and picked a couple of movies for aesthetic qualities.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is in French subtitles and sounds like a chick flick but the content will surprise you and give anyone hope for people who are locked in their own bodies.

Son of Rambow is a fun movie about childhood exploration and imagination while finding an identity. This movie has a brilliant style that many independents cannot emulate; I thought this was a good movie for anyone of any age, especially artistically inclined people. Its fun without being too far out, check it out after watching First Blood...

Carlitos Way the other day because its been on my list for a while. Can you ever watch this and think at the end that he won't get away; I think his closing monologue is one of the best in any movie.

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Anyways Peace for 2008!!
- Existence 76