Sorry for wasting your time .:Oct 26 10:.


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We are losing some GREAT ones... .:Oct 25 10:.

Last week we lost Eyedea and today, Gregory Isaacs...  WOW!  I got to meet this man, Abilities and Slug in SF back in 2005.  The thing I remember most was how funny he was and how greatful he was to meet someone who appreciated his music.  I got a drop from him and he messed up so he did it over and over until he got it right!  What artists do YOU know DO THAT?  You will be missed...


Eyedea live in San Diego from SHAW CHAVEZ on Vimeo.



THE COOL RULER... .:Oct 25 10:.

Rest In Peace Mr. Gregory Isaacs



SmoovGroovs .:Oct 22 10:.

...on the production.

SmoovGroovs Promo from Andrea Garcia on Vimeo.


Mighty4TV: New York City + DJ Skeme interview .:Oct 22 10:.

- Mike


TEDDY P!! .:Oct 22 10:.

Post car accident, from a wheelchair, struggling to catch his breath... this is STILL one of the baddest muthafuckas to ever do it. We miss you Teddy!!! JABAone