Blowfish 2010 .:Nov 05 10:.

Homegrown Blends x Armory Massive x Vox Merger representative JABAone along with our fam Dannu (Visionaries/Writerz Block) & DJ Norm Rocwell (KOS/Access Hip Hop) rocked the crowd at Blowfish 2010 for the San Diego Asian Film Festival... Peep the vid to see how it all went down.


JABA even dropped some Rocky Rivera in his video set... HEATROCKS! 


(This vid is FILLED with CRAZY mispellings and even says 2011!!!  umm yeahhhhh... speaks volumes on how much love organizers gave to the performers who helped make this event happen.  REAL TALK...)


JABA X MIKE HERANA @ Blowfish 10/23/10 .:Nov 02 10:.

JABAone rockin a video set for the San Diego Asian Film Festival "Blowfish" event. Photo by Homegrown Blends x Sharpshooter Mike Herana Photobucket


Beat Swap Meet - Summer 2010 .:Nov 01 10:.

- Jo_iLL


Anal Bum Cover .:Oct 26 10:.

Homegrownblends presents its latest compilation installment, Roll Call Vol. Threeve. Photobucket Download it now in the media section up top!!


Sorry for wasting your time .:Oct 26 10:.


Please wait till 1:10


We are losing some GREAT ones... .:Oct 25 10:.

Last week we lost Eyedea and today, Gregory Isaacs...  WOW!  I got to meet this man, Abilities and Slug in SF back in 2005.  The thing I remember most was how funny he was and how greatful he was to meet someone who appreciated his music.  I got a drop from him and he messed up so he did it over and over until he got it right!  What artists do YOU know DO THAT?  You will be missed...


Eyedea live in San Diego from SHAW CHAVEZ on Vimeo.