LOCALS ONLY .:Nov 22 10:.



Beautiful Sounds .:Nov 20 10:.

Due to the fact that were having technical difficulties posting blogs, I am on the late bus in posting this for my boy Nerstylist. But better late than never.

Beautiful Sounds is a mix of uptempo gems. All vinyl. The cover was designed by myself, but for reasons unknown, the actual physical CD was never made it to release. So recently Nerstylist decided to release it for free, on Mixcrate. You can download it here.


Blame One footage from 1989 and 1990 .:Nov 20 10:.

Supa Koopa


Existence 76 vs. FlavorInnovator vs. Cholula vs. Tomato .:Nov 20 10:.

Existence made the mistake of falling asleep around a drunk Jo_iLL and Steve. Hot sauce isnt fun after being stuck on your lips for hours.



Where Im From .:Nov 20 10:.

Been a minute since I"ve been able to blog. We cant have any single quotes in our posts or the blog wont post...

But anyway...MED ft. Aloe Blacc. OX CITY.

- Jo_iLL


Maybe she ll dream of me? .:Nov 17 10:.

If you have not piked up the latest FE album "Authenticity" man... you NEED that in your life. FOR REAL! The video for one of my FAVORITE tracks off the album just recently dropped... PEEP!