Bamm Tronics- Jungle of Ones & Zeros .:Jan 21 11:.

Big ups my ILLAMENTAL FAM, Bamm Tronics of Triple Helix...  The JUNGLE OF ONES & ZEROS video just dropped not too long ago and you know I HAD to put it up... 


Couldnt make it to this video shoot, but PLENTY of my Illamental fam were...  MAD LOVE to my fam at Xylophone Films and Kid Heroes...  You guys DID IT AGAIN!!!







FlavorInnovator .:Jan 21 11:.

Steve aka the FlavorInnovator has a new website and is designing a free logo to
celebrate. Find out more at:



JABAone X Skullcandy X Snoop Dogg [again] .:Jan 20 11:.

See if you can find JABA in this video... 


Hawaii fam CREED CHAMELEON .:Jan 18 11:.

The homie Creed shot me and Hopie Spitshard a shout on Twitter to check out one of his old freestyles.


He definelty rips the SHIT out of this familiar JUST-BLAZE beat and shouts out some of our fam; ACCESS HIP HOP, BAMBU, DJ JIMMY TACO and Hawaii legend HIGH CHIEF XL [Rest In Peace]...


ENJOY! And make sure you follow my fam...






Make sure you come out and peep THE VOX MEGER [Mighty Ro Young, Akim & JABAone] as they open up for the mighty HIEROGLYPHICS CREW. This is NOT a show youre gonna want to miss...


BIG UP the fam ROCKHILL, ARMORY & SEEDLESS... WEST COAST will be in the building in a major way...



Umm... .:Jan 17 11:.

Umm... So driving today, I pulled up behind this truck with a sticker that read "Powered by Mexican"... Umm... OK... GREAT!  But shouldnt it have said "Powered by A Mexican" [SINGULAR] or "Powered by Mexicans" [PLURAL] or even "Powered by Mexico"? Maybe it would have been better if it said "Mexican powered"?  This did not sit right with me.


Its like those racer dumbasses who drive their Honda with a "Powered by Honda" sticker?  WELL DUHHHHH!!!  Hey dipshit, If you wanna impress me and let me know theres something WORTH BRAGGING ABOUT under the hood, then there BETTER be something WORTH BRAGGING ABOUT.  Something like "Powered by HAMSTERS".  Now THAT would be sticker worthy, no doubt! 


Back to my Mexican brotha here... Dont trip Im all about being down for yours... but if youre going to represent your people, AT LEAST make sure youre doing it INTELLIGENTLY.  I beg you!Photobucket


By the way... BIG shout to this cat for rockin that "BAD BOY CLUB" sticker on the STRENGTH!  I guess everyone needs to feel like they belong and apparently... this guy belongs to the BAD BOY CLUB!  Thanks for taking me back to 1985... LIFES A BEACH HOMIE!!!