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Dj Daeta Dj
Birthplace: Oakland, Vietnam
Hometown: Little Saigon

Musical Influence: the sounds of sounds

Bio: born in oakland. raised in the east bay. played some music moved to sd in 06. played more music. moved back to the bay in 09. gona play more music.

Influences.: Family, friends, crews, peers, supporters.

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everyone loves keys.. .:Apr 07 09:.

you know you love keys.....come on....there's Alicia keys, 88 keys, black keys, keysha cole, keenan ivory wayans, anthony kiedis or whatever..anyhow here's another reason to love keys.....823 to be exact....This link is about the 823keyProject, a very cool project that supports artist of all sorts by having people purchase 823 keys for every letter in the alphabet which really makes it 21, 398 keys worldwide. .........confused..well peep the link and understand more...


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boots wit da fuhhhr .:Apr 07 09:.

If only adults were as innocent as children and decided to simply just have fun sometimes.

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technology .:Feb 25 09:.

I understand that many people  oppose of serato...well they used to....and some still do, but im not gona go on some rant about vinyl this and serato that.  call me button pusher all you want.  Most know where i stand.  Serato is earned not learned.  with that being said has anyone seen this shit? i know im late.


all in 1 package.....


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painting. .:Feb 25 09:.

So a few years back, I was painting a bit here and there, but not much at all.  And I stopped painting basically entirely for some unknown reason...I have no idea why.  For the past year or so I have been seriously wanting to get back into it, Im most likely rusty as hell but would love the opportunity to do so..You ever get that feeling where you wished you still did something you enjoyed even though you weren't a master at it, but it did not matter cus you liked doing it and for some reason you just simply dont do it anymore...thats how i feel. and i hate it.  with the exceptional talent in art some of the guys in the crew have i feel more reason to start at it again.
here's some old stuff....soon enough i will post new shit..i promise



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Back in the Bay. .:Feb 08 09:.

Mad love for san diego. the people especially, the environment, the music/ musicians, the sun, the partys, the love everyone and everthing had for me.  how everyone let me into thier lives and opened thier arms and let this new bay dude be a part of something cool, anything cool.  much respect to all my sd fam, i cant say it enough.  and during my sd time, i got with HGB an honor to be asked to be with these guys-mostly are jerks, actually all of them are jerks....just kidding..kind of.... ha. but seriously...not only are these fine men my good friends we all represent each others greatest passion of music...and now that i am back in the bay, it only makes sense to carry that tradition and represent the name in my original stomping grounds.  Jo ill and Romali are stationed in the yay and sure enough the 'homegrownblends' name will circulate here.  so if your in the bay or visiting, plese keep your ears out for us and coming events out here, we would greatly appreciate the support- if you like what you hear on the site and from the artists already be sure to come through.... hgb on the grind for the '09..in the yay that izzzzzzz...... hey im starting to edit my page more!!!!!  more to come...soon  :)

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