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Dj SmoovGroovs Dj
Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Musical Influence: My ear takes bits and pieces from music of all kinds in which contributes to my music. From the smooth neo soul hiphop vibes of Dwele, Slum Village, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Freddie Joachim, The Foreign Exchange, Badu, Nicolay, to the future/electronica sounds of Flying Lotus, Dam-Funk, Abjo, Onra, Vince P., to the uptempo realm of Mark Farina, Fred Everything, Lawnchair Generals, Eddie-C. On the DJ tip, my hats go off to Teeko, Shortkut, Dstrukt, Sig-O, the Bangerz, HGB.

Bio: Born and raised in San Jose, CA. DJ x Producer SmoovGroovs began his musical journey at the age of 6 when he first started taking Piano lessons. As his ear developed, SmoovGroovs grew attraction to the smooth sounds of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, & R&B. SmoovGroovs started to heavily build his DJ skills while attending San Diego State University from 04-09', playing at venues such as Bar Dynamite, The Office, & Red C Lounge. In 2009, SmoovGroovs returned back to the Bay Area and has started to dip into the realm of the uptempo/house scene while still holding on to his firmly rooted hiphop/soul roots. SmoovGroovs also contributes to a NPR public radio station called SnapJudgment [Story telling with a beat]. SmoovGroovs delivers style in his song selections behind their podcasts and radio show.