Images from the 'Con .:Jul 25 10:.

Jabba's Property:

the O.G. Grill, waay before Paul Wall's time:

And I'll form...THE HEAD:


The Admiral!

David Choe signs a Munko for us:

Wapak Mouse:



Rest in Peace, Godfather of Dancehall .:Jul 12 10:.


One Year Later... .:May 10 10:.

Finally finished another mix!  Enjoy some new heatrocks from Badu, SupaKoopa, Damu the Fudgemunk, & Onra.  This mix wouldn't be complete without a GURU tribute thrown in there, too!  Rest in Power!

(photo credit: R.Sanque)



Latest SHART Topper!!! .:Apr 13 10:.

In case you missed her tonight on DWTS.  Listen to Brooke at 0:09 LOL!

Also, a memo to the Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries fans:
here is what a REAL vampire looks like!



One Mo' Gin .:Mar 04 10:.

Pauze reminded today that this January was the 10 year anniversary of Voodoo.  Here is a promo vid for the LP.  I remember being in Europe for the first time in '99, bumpin' leaked tracks from the album over and over while driving btwn countries...



Wild Thing .:Feb 15 10:.

To be honest, I don't have enough information to form a valid opinion on whether or not Global Warming is a hoax.  All I know is the Fam and I went to the Wild Animal Park today and I was sweating like a hog!  Worrying about a watch tan in February, WTH?

Hakuna Matata, Bro:

This duck came up and bit my son's toes.  He didn't cry, though.  It was kinda funny:

Come onnnnn, Pelican!!! This guy was as friggin tall as a teenager: